Get your lowest rate at the lowest cost by combining the purchase of an Offerpad-owned home with special incentives and mortgage programs from Offerpad Mortgage (where available*). Talk with one of our Loan Consultants to build a customized rate that meets your unique needs and financial situation.

Want a below market interest rate on your home loan?

We got you. When you buy an Offerpad-owned home and finance it with Offerpad Mortgage, Offerpad will pay the discount points to buy down your mortgage rate — at no cost to you!1 Doing a buydown can lower the interest rate on your monthly mortgage payments and could save you thousands over the life of your loan.

You can use Offerpad Bundle Rewards to earn thousands in cash credits. Bundle buying an Offerpad home with an Offerpad agent and a loan from Offerpad Mortgage and apply your rewards to closing costs,2 toward your down payment or to buy down the interest rate on your mortgage. It’s your money! Talk with an Offerpad agent to decide the best way to use it.

Keep your rate from going up between the time you apply for a mortgage and when you close. Lock in your best rate for up to 90 days while you shop for a home with a one-time ‘float-down’ option. That means if rates go down before you buy, you could get an even lower rate.

With Offerpad Mortgage, there’s no upfront charge for an advanced rate lock (like most lenders have), so you can stress less with the peace of mind knowing your rate’s protected.3

Want to be sure you’ll still qualify for a loan at the rate and monthly mortgage payment you’re quoted when you’re ready to buy? Get a huge head start on the loan process when you combine a Verified Approval Letter, or VAL, with a rate lock program from Offerpad Mortgage.

A VAL is an underwritten approval by the underwriter who approves the final loan. When you’re ready to sign a sales contract, your loan is practically all set so you can close more quickly and enjoy your new home sooner.

Don't have 20% saved for a down payment? We can help. Offerpad Mortgage has access to hundreds of down payment assistance (DPA) programs, including several national programs without any income limitations, so you may be able to get a mortgage with very little down even if you earn more than your local area’s Average Median Income (AMI).

Low credit score? We’re here to help. Most lenders just pull a credit report and automatically send a decline letter if a borrower doesn’t qualify. Not at Offerpad Mortgage.

If your score is 580 or above, we automatically offer assistance for improving your credit to help you qualify for the best possible mortgage terms. Lower than 580? You also have the opportunity to opt-in for one of our credit improvement programs. No charge. No catch.

So what happens if rates go down after you close on your home? Offerpad Mortgage has you covered. With our Interest Rate Protection program, if rates drop, we’ll refinance your home loan with zero lender fees, saving you thousands with the peace of mind you still have the lowest rate possible.4

First-time home buyer? Selling and buying to downsize? Looking for your luxury dream home? Buying to invest? Or just thinking about refinancing? Whatever type of buyer you are, Offerpad Mortgage has programs to match almost any need, including:

Take the first step toward a home loan without affecting your credit score. There’s never a charge for applying and getting approved for a loan with Offerpad Mortgage.

*Offerpad Mortgage services not available in all states. Offerpad Mortgage is currently available in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. NMLS #2087710. Terms and conditions apply. Rates, terms and availability subject to change without notice.

1For qualified buyers. Terms and conditions apply. All loans subject to credit approval.

2Offerpad Bundle Rewards are delivered as buyer commission rebates, lender credits, reduced Offerpad service fee, or seller credits. Offerpad Bundle Rewards are not available for solutions purchased under Offerpad’s Agent Partnership Program or Homebuilder Services program. Additionally, Offerpad Bundle Rewards cannot be combined with any other Offerpad discount, credit, or seller/buyer concession. All components of a bundle (sell transaction, buy transaction and home loan) must be completed within a 6-month time frame to qualify as being part of a bundle. Offerpad Bundle Rewards is not available in Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee. Terms and conditions apply. Rewards, savings and discounts vary and may not be available in all states or situations. Speak with an Offerpad Solutions Advisor or Solutions Expert for details. Subject to terms and conditions available at

3Loan application for float down option must be submitted to underwriting before rate lock expires. Speak with your Offerpad Mortgage Loan Officer for details.

4Loans cannot be refinanced within 6 months of origination.